Gospel passion • Authentic beauty • Radiant grace

Gretchen’s deep desire is to see women transformed by power of the Holy Spirit, living with Gospel passion, an authentic beauty and a radiant grace. She longs to see women live out their faith in a way that it is visible, beautiful, and believable to all. 

She comes alongside women of all ages who are challenged in their faith, lives, or relationships to help them create something more, better, or different in that current place of strain, struggle, growth, or loss.

How She Can Help

Speaking & Teaching

Gretchen Stevenson has a passion for the Gospel that is infectious! The essence of her ministry is to empower all women to live a life inspired by the Gospel, answering the call towards something more, something better, and something different.

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Discipleship Coaching

Discipleship coaching will empower you to discover the answers to your questions. We use our time together to dive deeply into God’s Word, letting it serve as our road map to lead us into Truth as we uncover and identify the triggers, obstacles, and lies that are holding you back from living out who you were created to be as a child of God.

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Gretchen loves to teach and lead on large stages, in small groups, and one-to-one. She serves at national and international events, as well as those held locally in Eastern Minnesota. Gretchen serves women of all ages who are:

You are a masterpiece

About Gretchen

Gretchen’s deep desire is to see women transformed by power of the Holy Spirit, living with Gospel passion, an authentic beauty and a radiant grace.

Gretchen is a passionate learner and teacher of God’s Word. It was through scripture she was inspired to teach other women and walk alongside them as the founder of Gretchen Stevenson Ministries. She understands the call on women’s lives for more, better, and different, and she also knows the balm to that try-hard existence is a life fully surrendered to Christ.

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Work with Gretchen

Gretchen’s deep desire is to see women transformed by power of the Holy Spirit, living with Gospel passion, an authentic beauty and a radiant grace. See if Gretchen is the right fit for you or your event.

Gretchen on Instagram

  • Perseverance of faith, requires an intentionality towards God. For the heart who seeks God will be satisfied. Question: Who or what are you seeking? How long will you keep looking? Seek God and you will find what you are looking for!  #Gospelpassion #authenticbeauty #radiantgrace #seekGod #neverwalkalone #seekandyouwillfind
  • Alignment is everything! God, align my desires with your desires and take my passion for the Gospel and lead me to places where I can make much of You! #Gospelpassion #authenticbeauty #radiantgrace #readytospeak
  • Do you ever feel like you are constantly trying to measure up to someone else’s standard? Where does that come from? Who puts that on you? Why do you agree with it? There is only One standard by which we are to seek...God’s standard for love. Love is a game changer when it flows from a place of grace. Jesus Christ is the fountain from which we take in grace and pour out love, no other fountain is capable of such grace. If you’re struggling with extending love, examine the fountain you are drinking from; it makes all the difference in the world! #Gospelpassion #authenticbeauty #radiantgrace #fountainofgrace #loveisagamechanger #graceiseverything
  • Next time you face the unexpected, a moment of difficulty you really don’t want to go through, remember that such a moment doesn’t picture a God who has forgotten you, but one who is near to you and doing in you a very good thing. He is rescuing you from thinking that you can live a life you were meant to live while relying on the inadequate resources of your wisdom, experience, righteousness, and strength; and He is transforming you into a person who lives a life shaped by radical God-centered faith. (Paul D.Tripp)
#newmorningmercies #Gospelpassion #authenticbeauty #radiantgrace #newbeginnings
  • Alignment is important. When something is out of alignment it doesn’t work well. When your wheels are out of alignment you see a mechanic. When your back is out of alignment you see a chiropractor. When your team is out of alignment you see a consultant. But what happens when your heart and attitude are out of alignment? Who do you see? Don’t live life in 2019 missing out on all the things God has in store for you. Begin today by surrendering your heart and attitude to Him. Ask Him to align your desires with His desires and to grant you a willing spirit to obey. When we seek to live in alignment with the Father, our heart, our mind and our attitude will naturally follow! #Gospelpassion #authenticbeauty #radiantgrace #newbeginnings #2019
  • The popular way of thinking at the start of a new year is to set New Year resolutions. However, I encourage you to change your thinking to new year revelations! Imagine if you switched from doing to receiving in order to find greater joy, peace, love and fulfillment! God’s not interested in how you are going “do better” in 2019. Rather, He desires to inspire you by revealing Himself to you through 2019. Which do you prefer... His revelation or your resolution? #Gospelpassion #Godsrevelation #2019 #JesusisLord #surrender

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