Gospel passion • Authentic beauty • Radiant grace

Gretchen is a woman on a mission!

To know Gretchen is to know she is passionate to help women know and believe they are worthy of the hope, healing, and redemption found in Christ. Through her own journey, Gretchen has learned how the shame and trauma of her past do not define who she is, but rather, God’s immeasurable love and grace establishes her identity and secures her worth in Him.

Today, Gretchen speaks and teaches on the hope and freedom found in Christ. Her passion will inspire you to know the immeasurable love of God and the transforming power of His Holy Spirit to make our broken lives into something beautiful for His glory!

“It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or what’s been done to you, those events don’t define who you are – it’s the precious blood of Christ, when washed over you, that He calls you forgiven & worthy!”

How She Can Help

Speaking & Teaching

Gretchen is passionate to see all women living and thriving by a life empowered through faith in Jesus Christ. Gretchen is compelled to share the Gospel and to equip women with resources that help them grow and flourish in their faith and in their knowledge of God’s Word.

Gretchen’s love of Scripture and commitment to teach God’s Truth, grew through her personal journey of abuse. Now she’s compelled to share a message of hope, healing, and redemption to women around the globe that testifies to the unfailing love and grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

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Discipleship Coaching

Discipleship coaching will empower you to discover the answers to your questions. We will use our time together to dive deeply into the pages of Scripture, letting it serve as our road map of Truth as we uncover and identify the triggers, obstacles, and lies that keep you from living an empowered life in Christ Jesus!

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Gretchen loves to teach and lead on large stages, in small groups, and one-to-one. She serves at national and international events, as well as those held locally in Minnesota. Gretchen serves women of all ages who are:

You are a masterpiece


Thank you to Redeemed Farm for allowing the use of their beautiful grounds in the making of this video.

About Gretchen

Gretchen’s deep desire is to see women transformed by power of the Holy Spirit, living with Gospel passion, an authentic beauty and a radiant grace.

Gretchen is a passionate learner and teacher of God’s Word. It was through scripture that she was inspired to teach other women and walk alongside them as the founder of Gretchen Stevenson Ministries. She understands the longing of a women’s heart for something more, something better, and something different, and she also knows the balm to that try-hard existence is a life fully surrendered to Christ.

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Abide Podcast

Abide Podcast
Listen to the Abide Podcast with Gretchen Stevenson & Amanda Bracklein.
By abiding in our relationship with Christ, we are here to discover authenticity and community with each other and you!

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Work with Gretchen

Gretchen’s deep desire is to see women transformed by power of the Holy Spirit, living with Gospel passion, an authentic beauty and a radiant grace. See if Gretchen is the right fit for you or your event.