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Gretchen’s deep desire is to see women transformed by power of the Holy Spirit, living with Gospel passion, an authentic beauty and a radiant grace. See if Gretchen is the right fit for you or your event.

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  • My soul takes great delight in you my King. Who am I that you consider my existence or even care for my life?Father you are good! Your love goes beyond what I can imagine. Your grace reaches deep into my soul  and affirms you are near. Father, my delight is to know what brings you joy. Your joy is to see me found in you, abiding in your love, receiving of your Spirit. Father, awaken my soul to trust more fully of the life giving love that is mine as your beloved. #Gospelpassion #authenticbeauty #radiantgrace #abide
  • It’s all in how you see it. Do you choose to see God in all things? We must, for by Him all things were created... and in Him all things hold together! #Gospelpassion #Godsincontrol #BeautyoftheLord #Godneverfails #God
  • Embarrassing winter with all silliness! #nevertoyoung #winterfun #trueMN
  • Spent time with the Shepherd lately? #IAMthegoodshepherd #Gospelpassion #Jesus
  • What do the words entire dependence an unbounded confidence say to you? Christ is the true Vine and we are simply a branch. The Vine is faithful to give all and work all in us for His glory. We are to abide! We need nothing more than to simply be a branch. #Gospelpassion #authenticbeauty #radiantgrace #abide #fruitoffaith #jesusisthetruevine
  • Jesus says, “I am the true Vine you are the branches...” Have you ever considered the fact that your only role as the branch is to bring glory to the Vine? It’s quality the Father desires not quantity. #Gospelpassion #Jesusisthetruevine #fruitfulness #lifegivingfruit #glorytoGod

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